Tivoli’s Mission:  Nurturing creativity & ingenuity within the community by helping individuals bring new ideas to life, from imagination to reality.

Can we help with your idea? Is your idea relevant to us? Who are we?

We are a network of professional creative minds & talents i.e. studio artists & sculptors, graphic & industrial designers, audio & electrical engineers, musicians all with a unique range of resources and access to various means-of -production  – a creative  “A-TEAM”  to collaborate with.

-We want help people act on good ideas & inspiration by bridging gaps in abilities and or access to the knowledge and means – making things possible & making them their best (A long list of examples and pictures is under construction)

We  – Design / Engineer / Enable / Handmake:

Fine Art, Furniture, Sculpture & Instillations, Lighting, Screen Printing, Street Art / Murals, Media Projection..

We want to Collaborate – Contact Tivoli if there’s any way anyone of us might be helpful! 


Have a question?  An idea?

Simply E-mail us:               

We operate from the ♥ of Charleston, SC


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